Track Anything.
Anytime, Anyplace.

At TekCare Systems Ghana we take care of your investment in people and assets, so you can have peace of mind and focus on what is important to your business.

Mass Transit Solutions
Let our experienced team take care of you.

Our team has over 20 years combined experience in overseeing operations in large multinational corporations.

TekCare use the latest tracking technology to minimize operational inefficiencies. By monitoring exactly where and how much; the opportunity for corrupt behaviour is reduced dramatically.

Mass Transit Solutions
What we do.

Track ... whatever is valuable to you.

  • Save money by eliminating theft and waste of fuel and parts
  • Optimize application of resources
  • Execute maintenance on schedule
  • Prevent improper and negligent use of your property.

These tracking tools are proven to decrease your costs and increase your operational efficiency.

Mass Transit Solutions
How we do it.


  • Track fuel levels on vehicle fleets.
  • Ensure vehicle fleets obey company speed limits.
  • Send alerts if referigation units temperature drop below certain limits.
  • Send alerts if recommended load levels are exceeded

Mass Transit Solutions

Easy access to our tracking tools from anywhere.

TekCare believe in making life as simple as possible.  Our customers can now track all assets via their Android or iPhone mobile device.

TekCare Ghana’s robust solutions will prepare your business for the years ahead. The end result is peace of mind for you – and your companies shareholders.

Mass Transit Solutions

Mass Transit

Bus Company Tracking Module

This module meets the special requirements of bus companies. In addition to the normal tracking features the buses are fitted with step sensors and door open sensors allowing the company to follow the entry of passengers on the bus.

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TekCare Fleet Management

Tekcare Fleet Management

Control. Optimize. Save.

Detailed speed tracking and virtual fences ensure your driving policies are adhered to and decrease the risk of accidents. Save 10 to 30 percent in operational expenses through reduction in mileage, overtime, and routing planning time.

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